Bitcoin: The fast, secure and no fees payment method!

Why use Bitcoin at Bodog?

  • Bitcoin is our cheapest deposit option, making it the premier way to get your money in.
  • Bitcoin withdrawals are free and ensure you get your money even faster.
  • Bitcoin’s technology makes this digital currency secure.
  • It’s convenient – anyone can send Bitcoin, anywhere, anytime.

Bodog’s Guide to Bitcoin Success

1. Get a Wallet

A wallet is a place to keep your bitcoin until you spend them. Getting one is easy! Simply go to the app store and download one to your smartphone.

Our recommendation: BreadWallet is easy to use, has enhanced security features and is among the most recommended wallets for both Android and iOS.

2. Buying Bitcoin

You can buy Bitcoin instantly with your credit/debit card through regulated exchanges. These exchanges are extremely safe, requiring a picture of your ID to create your account. While it may take a little while for them to verify your identity, you will be able to make instant purchases!

For more Bitcoin information, tips & help:

3. Send your Bitcoin to your Wallet

Some exchanges will ask for your wallet address before you make a purchase. If not, you'll need to send your Bitcoin from your exchange account to your wallet. It’s an easy process, simply:

  • Select "Send Bitcoin" in your exchange account.
  • Copy & paste (or type) your wallet address into the input field and click "Send".

Congratulations! If you made it this far, you're an official Bitcoin user and now you can head to the table or game of your choice.