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Creating an account at Bodog is simple. All you need to do is click on the JOIN NOW button in the top right-hand corner of the page, fill in the requested information and you're good to go!
We will match your first deposit by 100% for up to ₹50,000 instantly!
Your security is important to us, so to avoid fraudulent activity on our account we need to establish your identity. You can provide a government issued ID such as PAN or Aadhar card to Customer Support, and it generally takes up to 24 hours for verification.
We work quickly here at Bodog. Activation is as simple as clicking on the ACTIVATE link we sent via email. If you didn't get an email please contact our Customer Service and we will be happy to assist you.
Your profile can be updated anytime by following these simple steps:
  • Log In to your Bodog account.
  • Click on”My Account”.
  • Click on Profile.
  • Make the necessary changes to your profile and then click UPDATE PROFILE.
Follow these simple instructions to update your Bodog password:
  • First, login to your Bodog account.
  • Click on”My Account”.
  • Click on Profile.
  • Click on Change Password.
  • Fill in the details and click “Submit” when you’re done.
If you’ve forgotten your password, follow these quick steps to retrieve it:
  • Click “Forgot Password” located in the Login page.
  • Enter your email address and click Submit button.
  • Bodog will send an email to the email account provided at registration.
  • Once you’ve received the email, confirm by clicking on the link enclosed in the email. This will take you to a page where you’ll be asked to provide a new password.
No worries! Click on Profile under the My Account section and your email address is displayed under Username. Still can't find your email? Our customer service team is always happy to assist.
It's sometimes difficult to login when there's too much old information stored on your cache. To clear cache, please open your browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and follow the instructions. Still can't login? Our customer service is always happy to assist!
A wallet is used to store bitcoins and to make payments. Exchanges allow you to buy and sell Bitcoin using your local currency. Most of them also provide a wallet service.
A miner fee is a small amount of Bitcoin paid to the Bitcoin miners in order to reward them for verifying transactions. You decide the amount of the fee no more when sending the transaction. The higher the fee and the faster the transaction will be verified by the miners.
Many online shopping websites now offer to pay in Bitcoin. Simply choose the Bitcoin payment option on the checkout page and use your wallet to send the Bitcoins.
There is no limit to the number of Bitcoins you can spend to pay for anything, and you can receive as many as you want too.
Exchanges implement different transactions limits (maximum amount per transaction, daily/monthly volume) depending on your level of account verification. The minimum verification level usually allows you to buy/sell small amounts (up to 1 Bitcoin per day) and only requires you to provide your email address and telephone number. For bigger amounts you may have to provide your National ID.
Bitcoin transactions are verified by the miners using cryptography algorythms. The miner fee is a way to pay them for the cost of this verification process. The process of verifying transactions is called mining.
No, we are paying the miner fee when sending your payout.
Bodog uses a technologically complex and sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) to randomize the outcome of games.
Bodog is licensed by Curacao eGaming authorized and regulated by the Government of Curacao. The payout percentage, total wins out of total bets, is audited monthly.
If a player disconnects during a game, the game will continue and all placed bets will stand. If you're unable to connect before the end of the hand, your bet will stand and the game will continue.
You must be 18 years old and above. You must also play from a jurisdiction or country where online gambling is allowed.
No, all bets are final once placed.
If you are accessing Bodog Casino from a country where online gambling is permitted, please contact our Customer Service team and one of our agents will gladly assist you.
We aim to settle all bets once your game round has completed however occasional delays may occur and settlement may take up to 30 minutes. If your bet is not settled after 30 minutes, please contact Live Chat and one of our agents will gladly assist you. Please take note of your bet details like, bet IDs, amount, date and time for faster checking.
We offer a wide range of safe and fast payments options. Click "Deposit" and pick the most convenient for you!
Credit Card: Minimum ₹500 and maximum ₹35,000 per transaction. AstroPay Card: Minimum ₹500 and maximum ₹350,000 per transaction. EcoBanq: Minimum ₹500 and maximum ₹70,000 per transaction. Bitcoin: No Limits.
No Limit. You may use any of our methods to make your deposit.
All your transactions are displayed in the Transactions page.
If your Bodog balance has not been updated after 30 minutes, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service for assistance. You may be asked to provide a proof of payment.
No Limit. You may use any of our methods to make your deposit.
We currently only accept Indian Rupees.
Yes. We process deposits and withdrawals 24/7. There may be some delays as some banks may be offline during the holidays.
We will not impose any processing fees, transactional or service charges for either deposit or withdrawal. However, your bank or financial institution may impose transaction fees at their discretion, depending on the nature of the transaction.
Go to "My Account" then click "Withdraw".
The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹1,000.
Once we have verified your identity withdrawals typically take 24-48 hours depending on the method chosen. We recommend BTC as the fastest option.
For Bitcoin withdrawals you only need a Bitcoin address. For transfer withdrawals, you need a valid Ecobanq account. For withdrawals via AstroPay you will need a valid AstroPay Card account. If you require assistance with any of these please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to assist you.
The Bodog Bet Slip interface is incorporated into the lines page which makes placing bets easier than ever. Here's a Summary:
  • As soon as you select a line you would like to wager on, the Bet Slip will be shown on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Enter either the amount you would like to risk or the amount you would like to win in the boxes provided. The total win and risk amounts are calculated for you and are shown in the summary at the bottom of the Bet Slip. Multiple wagers can be added on the same Bet Slip; however, if you wish to delete a single selection from your Bet Slip, click on the ""X"" icon.
  • Other possible wager types will be shown on your Bet Slip. Simply check the box to activate the desired type of bet without having to change tabs above.
  • The total stakes for your current bets and the potential maximum win amount on those bets will also be shown on the Bet Slip.
  • The Bet Slip indicates the number of wagers selected.
  • To view your pending wagers, click on the calendar icon in the top right hand corner of the Bet Slip.
  • Note: While logged into your account, your 'Playable Balance' (cash balance and any Sports bonuses) will be shown just below the Bet Slip.
Fractional odds are represented as a fractional number and show what your profit will be on a one-unit wager. For example:
  • Odds of 4/1 means that you stand to win INR 4 for every INR 1 you wager.
  • Odds of 1/4 means that you must wager INR 4 to win INR 1.
  • When the odds are 1/1, you'll win exactly what you wager.
  • The fractional form of a standard line is 10/11.
Decimal odds differ from fractional odds* in that they represent your total payout and not just your profit; your original wager and your winnings are combined. To convert fractional odds to decimal, convert the fractional number to a decimal and then add 1. For example: The equivalent of 4/1 in decimal odds is 5.0, and 1/4 is the same as 1.25.
The total is the combined scores of both teams in an event. Rather than betting on which team will win the event, you bet on whether the game will go over (o) or under (u) the combined scores, which is why this type of line is also known as an over/under.

For example: The total for the game between the Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots is listed at 43. If the Patriots end up winning 27-20, the final combined score is 47. If you bet over, you win. If the Patriots only won 23-20, the combined score matches the total—the wager will be graded a "Push" and your money will be refunded. Again, the moneyline* odds attached to the over or under determine how much you stand to win.

Futures are single wagers placed on the outcomes of future events. For example, a futures bet may involve picking the winner of the Super Bowl, the World Series, or the Stanley Cup. Note: There are certain futures which will not be able to be included in a parlay wager. Unless otherwise specified, all future wagers have action.
Props, or proposition bets, are single wagers placed on outcomes which are not directly related to the final score of an event. Proposition bets can be placed on sporting events, politics and various other topics (e.g., How many field goals will be made? or who will win the next election?). Odds (in either moneyline or fractional format) are posted for each possible outcome. Note: there are certain propositions which will not be able to be included in a parlay wager.
Security & Privacy
Here at Bodog, we encourage our users to follow these simple steps to ensure the most secure playing environment. If you want to know more please visit our Privacy Policy.
  • You should never open suspicious emails or click on links from unknown senders.
  • Clear your browser history to avoid having other people view your online activity.
  • For optimal online browsing make sure you adjust your security levels.
  • Disable auto-completion for sites that contain bank account or personal information.
Bodog uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect all sensitive areas of the site. You can check to see if a site has SSL by the padlock icon in your web browser’s address bar. This guarantees that any personal data being passed to us through the website is guarded. Any all sensitive information pertaining to our players is encrypted and accessible only to relevant staff members on a need-to-know basis.
We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy statement and will encrypt certain portions of your personal data where appropriate, including payment transactions if applicable.
We will use your personal information for specific purposes which may include verifying your identity, marketing and promotional activities, enabling financial transactions from or due to you, and statistical analysis. For further information on this please read on our Privacy Policy.