Online Gambling for Real Money in India

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular due to the convenience of gambling from anywhere, even from your own couch. At BodogIndia, this experience is further enhanced, since you can receive up to one hundred percent bonus for your deposit which means you have double that of what you deposited to gamble with. The quality of the games and experience for gambling online improved a lot and that is obvious in the gaming experience on BodogIndia with them being extremely user friendly.

Types of Gambling

Whenever you hear about online gambling, you are reminded of online casino games like roulette, slots and poker online. However, there are many other different types of online gambling available online. Here are some of those different types of online gambling games and some of these games, you can immediately start playing here, on BodogIndia. You can choose any of the game that fits your preference:


Probably one of the most popular of the games, Online Poker gives you the opportunity to compete and play poker with not just players in the casino, but opponents from all over the world. The popular version of Poker is Texas Hold’em limit or no limit and there are several different forms of playing the game. If you prefer to battle it out against up to 10,000+ players with chances to win a large amount of money, then tournaments are for you. But if you prefer to pay an entry fee and play between six to nine players only, you will want to look at sit and go games. Finally if you fancy playing for real money the the cash game is the one for you.

Horse Racing

Gambling on horse racing has been around for a very long time, one of the oldest game for gambling, and now you can do it online. In the olden days, you would have to look in the newspaper at the odds then give the bookie a call to place your bet. Now, it is much easier, you can get the latest horse racing odds at sites like BodogIndia and you can place your bets much faster and more accurately. But it is always good to do research on the race beforehand, so you are not going in blindly.


This game with its revolving table and the white ball, waiting for lady luck, is available to play online, just like in a casino. There are the same thirty seven spots that the white ball can land on including zero, and if lady luck shines, you can win a huge amount of cash. Some less risky methods to go about betting here is to spread your bets across the roulette bet board or choosing to double your money by betting on black or red. Roulette online works the same way, you place your bets on numbers on the board, the wheel spins and the ball stops on a random number.


The slot games in real casinos have all become digital, so playing online is the same thing, same experience, but at the comfort of your home, no hassle of going to a real casino! The working principle is extremely simple, place your value of bet, spin the slots and hit the lines. Slots is all about getting lucky with your lines, and keep trying, there is always the possibility of hitting that jackpot.


Getting as close as possible to the elusive number ‘twenty one’ and beating the dealer, that’s the objective of the game of blackjack. Playing online is almost exactly the same as playing Blackjack in the casino. Backjack is all about playing daringly, abd try to beat the dealer at the game without busting . So if you get a high card like, 18 or 19, keep playing.

Online Sports Betting

Apart from online casinos, online sports betting is also a big hit. Sports betting involves making bets or putting wages in sporting events such as Cricket, Football or Tennis. Online sports betting not only enables you to wager, but it also gives information about the sporting event, which can include profiles the player or team coach and team game history and their recent performance. Information like this will aid players to decide which team to place the bets on and at what time of the match.

These are just some of the gambling games that you can enjoy and win money online. But always remember to gamble responsibly.