Sports Betting

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Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting couldn’t be easier! BodogIndia works just like any online gaming site. All that’s need to done, is to make a prediction on the result of any sporting event – a cricket match, for example – and then wait for the final results to come in! But before you place that bet, you can check out the odds, which is nothing but the probability or chance of a sporting result or event happening, and this will help you estimate your chances of winning and you can place your bet to win big.

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  • In addition, at BodogIndia your betting options go far beyond sports with a extensive menu casino and table games of your choice available.

Cricket Betting with BodogIndia:

Cricket is one of the biggest sports game in the world and that means hundreds & thousands of online betting options every year. Now you can bet on a great range of domestic and international cricket markets, and get live cricket betting odds for all your favorite games right from the classical Test matches like the Ashes, English County Championship,the versatile one-day cricket, and the quick fix Twenty20 matches like the Indian Premier League (IPL). Place your online bets on all the biggest cricket tournaments, and enjoy flexible banking options and fast withdrawals at the best sports betting site in India.

Now watch your favorite cricket matches live, get pre-game wagers and bet live on in-play cricket matches, be it international test matches, regional cup finals or Twenty20 one day showdowns. BodogIndia has got a plethora of ways for you to bet on cricket via your desktop and mobile devices.

Football Betting with BodogIndia:

Here at BodogIndia, you'll find all manner of odds, aids and insights on everything the Football game has to offer, for the football fanatic in you. Enjoy online football matches live and make live bets by taking your pick from hundreds of betting markets for the match.

Follow your favorite teams from Europe and around the world and get the odds on every major league match, international, and cup competition. From the English Premier League and Championship matches to the German Bundesliga and Spain’s La Liga, get the latest football odds on every match, and bet in-play for the ultimate thrill. Benefit from exciting football betting promotions and fast payouts with BodogIndia, and enjoy the best online football odds and markets for competitions all over the world. Bet on football, win big and feel the thrill of betting on football at one of the best online sports betting sites in India.

Tennis Betting with BodogIndia

One small Ball, Two players, great sportsmanship and millions of fans, has made the gentleman’s game tennis an international spectacle and here at BodogIndia we've covered all the tennis games from top to bottom. Are you looking for unrivaled tennis betting coverage? At BodogIndia we offer daily tennis betting on tennis matches and tournaments from all over the world, as well as a huge range of markets for Wimbledon, Grand Slam, Davis Cup, ATP World Tour and others. Watch live tennis for free on our site and get odds updated in real time when you bet in-play. From all the pre-tournament hype to market leading odds available in an instant via your desktop or mobile device, BodogIndia will give you everything you need to enjoy one of the world's most exciting sports.